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Our past:

The spiritual roots of the charismatic pentecostal revival go back to the pentecostal events of Jerusalem written in the Scripture (Acts). The members of this 100 years old charismatic pentecostal movement proclaim worldwide that the presence of the Holy Spirit can be experienced the same way as it is in the Bible. The first witnesses of the baptism of the Holy Spirit appeared in 1900 in the USA and some years later in Hungary. According to their testimonies, the charismatic pentecostal movement started to grow.

The Omega vision unfolded in Karmel Church in the town of Pécel. Church planting ministry started to happen there. We call the fellowship of these newly planted churches the Omega Network.

Today there are more than six hundred million people in this protestant movement worldwide.

Our present:

We are presently building the Kingdom of God in more than 30 locations with hundreds of church members. The eternal message of the gospel is being proclaimed in our churches with a modern language and music. Beside the active weekend services, there are meetings during the week for smaller groups, children, youth and families. The meetings are focusing on filling the needs of the people.

The Omega Churches are led by pastors and presbyters according to the biblical pattern. These leaders are the spiritual elders and protectors of the churches.