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  • We believe that the Bible was inspired by the Holy Spirit; it is God’s unique, unfailing and authentic revelation.
  • We believe in the Holy Trinity, God the Father, the Son God and the Holy Spirit God – The Lord Jesus Christ.
  • We believe that Jesus was born to Earth by a virgin. He lived without sin and fulfilled God’s mission by His ransom death for all people. He gained forgiveness at the Father for the sins of people. We believe that Jesus resurrected bodily, we believe in his ascension and that now He is by the right hand of God and is to come back to Earth with power and glory.
  • We believe it is important for the lost and sinful people to be born again, and that this work is carried out by the Holy Spirit through the person’s belief in Jesus Christ.
  • We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit and one sign of it is speaking in tongues. We believe that the ministry gifts and the gifts of the Holy Spirit do work today.
  • We believe in the resurrection of righteous people and sinners. We believe that redeemed people go to eternal life and the unrighteous go to eternal hell after judgement.
  • We believe that Jesus is the head of the Church and the members are the parts of the body in unity.
  • We believe in the practical application of Christian faith in everyday life, to be able to serve people in every aspect of life - including building up their faith, pastoral care and social aid.